Sailung/Dolakha Region

Sailung is a rural municipality located within the Dolakha District of the Bagmati Province of Nepal. The municipality spans 96.30 square kilometres (37.18 sq mi) of area, with a total population of 20,098 according to a 2011 Nepal census. The name Dolkha arose from the Sherpa community. In the Sherpa´s language "DO" means stone (dhunga), "LA" means in (maa), and "KHA" means face (mukh) which means "Face in Stone"

On March 10, 2017, the Government of Nepal restructured the local level bodies into 753 new local level structures.  The previous Dudhpokhari, Bhusapheda, Magapauwa, Katakuti, Phasku and Shailungeshwar VDCs were merged to form Shailung. Shailung is divided into 8 wards, with Katakuti declared the administrative center of the rural municipality.

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